Announcements June 16 | 11th Sunday in the Ordinary Church Year

  • Today there is mass for children at 14.00 in norwegian. No mass in Ulsteinvik.
  • Monday – Friday: mass at 18.00.
  • Wednesday: rosary at 17.30.
  • Thursday: adoration at 17.30.
  • Saturday: mass in Hareid at 17.00.
  • Sunday: Mass in Polish at 09:00 and 14:00, High Mass at 11:00, and Mass in English at 16:00.

On June 24, there will be a mass for Fr. Arnfinn on Nordøyane. Mass at 11.00 followed by church coffee. Full program to come.

Work on the entrance area is going according to plan. Thank you to everyone who contributes financially with this important work. On Friday after mass and Saturday we paint the church. Thank you to everyone who can join us!

Registration for the church trip to Selja is at the back of the church.

Thank you to everyone who helps in the church every day!

Happy Sunday to everyone!